Your Solar-Powered Life with Suntria Solar

October 19, 2023\Washington, USA

A satisfied homeowner in Dallas, Texas, celebrates energy independence with American-made solar panels expertly installed by team Suntria Solar, who have provided home solutions for over 3,000 homeowners across the United States since 2021. 

Suntria Solar prides itself on quality installations, clean operations, professional sales, and quality components that deliver unmatched efficiency and durability. For the Texas homeowner’s new 17.22 kW system, Suntria utilized 42 Silfab Elite solar panels, known in the industry as America’s most powerful, best-looking, and reliable solar panel made exclusively in the USA. Due to its excellence in quality and performance, Suntria has made the Silfab Elite panel their standard offering and Silfab Solar their trusted solar panel provider.


The Silfab Elite panel’s innovative conductive backsheet, metal wrap technology, and proprietary cell design replace conventional solar panels by allowing more light to be collected in all lighting conditions while offering cooling capabilities to achieve a lower NOCT, allowing the Elite solar panel to convert more energy delivering the highest efficiency, durability, and reliability to homeowners who expect the best. 

The cutting-edge solar system is paired with K2 Racking and Enphase’s IQ8 microinverters, providing this homeowner with a consumption offset of 101% and $35,721 in savings over 25 years.

Suntria values long-lasting partnerships and operates on doing business with people and suppliers that we trust. Every single person on the Silfab Solar team is thoroughly dedicated and goal-oriented toward paving the same future that Suntria envisions by only providing quality products for energy independence for all American homeowners. It is the epitome of a perfect relationship. Life would be extremely easy if every relationship operated like this one

– Eddie Calrow, Suntria Solar

Suntria Solar’s team comprises of industry professionals with years of experience and is known as the nation’s top installers who continue to pave the way for a new era of residential solar. Suntria’s use of innovative technology and intelligent design deliver solar systems that maximize production and limit environmental impact while providing homeowners with efficient cost savings. Suntria offers an industry-leading 30-year production, labor, and roof penetration warranty- ensuring peace of mind for all their homeowners so they can enjoy the things that really matter in life.