Why should I choose Silfab solar?


Silfab is the largest and most advanced manufacturer in North America, Silfab’s fully automated facility utilizes precision engineering to produce superior reliability and performance with the lowest defect rate in the US.

Silfab provides value to the residential and commercial customer who want domestically made modules and maximum power density.

When you decide to buy Silfab modules you are getting premium quality, with low defect rate and high energy performance, you are also getting, real-time customer service with our local account managers and an exceptional purchase experience. 

Our commitment to our clients are:

  1. Financial stability.
  2. Customer success.
  3. +35 years experience making premium PV modules.
  4. OEM experience.
  5. Low defect rate automation and longer year life span per module.
  6. Buy American act (BBA compliant)
  7. 100% North American Management – with the main head office and facility located in Toronto, ON.
  8. Fast delivery
  9. Flexibility