Solar Solution & Silfab Solar – Energizing the Cathedral Close with Sustainable Solutions

January 25, 2024\Washington, D.C, USA

Since 2008, Solar Solution, located in the heart of Washington, DC, has made solar energy solutions accessible to the DC community, contributing to thousands of homeowners switching to a clean, energy-efficient future. With the support of 50 passionate employees and a drive to provide American homeowners with the best solar components in the industry, Solar Solution utilizes leading-edge, high-quality, North American-made solar products. Solar Solution has installed over 135,000+ solar panels, allowing 5,200 residential homes and businesses to harness the sun’s energy and save on energy bills.

Solar Solution‘s recent installation implemented 600 Silfab Prime tier-one quality solar panels to cover all the visible pitched rooftops due to their sleek, modern design and optimal energy capture and efficiency. Enphase IQ 7+ Microinverters, installed on Solar stack, and Unirac Flashloc racking to provide maximum output to produce over 326.34 MWh annually for the Cathedral Close schools.

Our company has been working with Silfab Solar products for years, and we confidently recommend them to any client. When the National Cathedral Close team emphasized the importance of their campus aesthetics, we naturally opted for the Silfab Prime solar panel due to its sleek form and all-black finish; we knew that these Silfab Solar panels would more than satisfy our client. In addition, the cost-effective price and high-efficiency output make the Silfab Prime panel a great solution.

– Solar Solution


The Cathedral Close is an extension of the Washington National Cathedral located on the Washington National Cathedral‘s 59 acres. The three independent schools, the National Cathedral School, St. Albans School, and Beauvoir, the National Cathedral Elementary School, share a campus and decided to embrace renewable energy and sustainable practices to reduce their carbon emissions footprint.

The idea to embrace solar energy came from a National Cathedral School student in 2019. The project not only aligns with each school’s commitment to environmental stewardship but also serves as a model for other educational institutions to embrace sustainable energy practices.

We look forward to seeing the benefits of our school’s solar energy systems and are grateful to Solar Solution for the opportunity to work together on this important project.

– Chris Calsyn. (President of the Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation, the umbrella organization of the schools.)

With over 40 years of experience in the solar industry, Silfab Solar’s premium quality solar panels have been trusted to provide energy solutions for several prominent U.S. organizations and structures – from military and park buildings, national sports stadiums, U.S. retail chains as well as tens of thousands of U.S. residential homes. Silfab Solar is proud to be a part of this important project at the Cathedral Close, bringing clean energy to one of the most historic and beautiful campuses in the greater Washington, D.C. area.