High-Efficiency Monocrystalline PV Modules


380 Wp – 72 Cell

Silver (Available 2019)

100% Maximum Power Density

Silfab’s SLG-M 380 ultra-high-efficiency modules are optimized for both Residential and Commercial projects where maximum power density is preferred.

100% North American – Quality Matters

Silfab’s fully-automated manufacturing facility ensures precision engineering is applied at every stage. Superior reliability and performance combine to produce one of the highest quality modules with the lowest defect rate in the industry.

North American – Customized Service

Silfab’s 100% North American based team leverages just-in-time manufacturing to deliver unparalleled service, on-time delivery and flexible project solutions.

Technical Specifications

SLG-M 380 Data Sheet
Electrical Specifications SLG-M 380 1500V  
Test ConditionsSTCNOCT
Module Power (Pmax)Wp380287
Maximum power voltage (Vpmax)V39.935.9
Maximum power current (Ipmax)A9.548.01
Open circuit voltage (Voc) V48.444.8
Short circuit current (Isc) A9.988.18
Module efficiency%19.218.1
Maximum system voltage (VDC)V1500 or 10001500 or 1000
Series fuse ratingA2020
Power ToleranceWp-0/+5-0/+5
Measurement conditions: STC 1000 W/m2 • AM 1.5 • Temperature 25 °C • NOCT 800 W/m² • AM 1.5 • Measurement uncertainty ≤ 3% • Sun simulator calibration reference modules from Fraunhofer Institute. Electrical characteristics may vary by ±5% and power by -0/+5W.
Temperature Ratings  
Temperature Coefficient Isc
Temperature Coefficient Voc
Temperature Coefficient Pmax
NOCT (± 2°C)
Operating temperature
Mechanical Properties and Components  
Module weight (± 1 kg)kg23.5
Dimensions (H x L x D; ± 1mm)mm1992 x 994 x 38
Maximum surface load (wind/snow)*N/m25400
Hail impact resistanceø 25 mm at 83 km/h
Cells72 - Si monocrystalline - 5 busbar - 156.75 x 156.75 mm
Glass3.2 mm high transmittance, tempered, antireflective coating
BacksheetMultilayer polyester-based
FrameAnodized Al
Bypass diodes3 diodes, 20SQ040 (45V, 20A) IP67/IP68 Junction Box
Cables and connectors (See installation manual)1200 mm ø 5.7 mm (4 mm2), MC4 compatible
Module product workmanship warranty12 years*
Linear power performance guarantee30 years
*Product workmanship warranty can be extended to 25 years by registering eligible systems here Warranty Registration Form
ProductULC ORD C1703, UL 1703, IEC 61215, IEC 61730-1 and IEC 61730-2 Certified, FSEC and CEC listed, IEC 62716 Ammonia Corrosion, IEC 61701:2011 Salt Mist Corrosion
UL Fire Rating: Type 1 (1500V) or Type 2 (1000V) or Type 1 on request
Modules Per PalletPallets Per TruckModules Per Truck