Silfab Solar Secures “Top Performer” 2021 PVEL Scorecard

May 26, 2021\Bellingham, Washington

Silfab Solar, North America’s leading PV manufacturer, earned a “top performer” rating under the rigorous PV Evolution Labs testing, the company announced today.

This was the third year in a row that Silfab earned PVEL top performer awards. In the 2021 PVEL report released today, Silfab earned top ratings in key testing categories: Thermal Cycling (x 600 cycles), Damp Heat (x 2000 hours), and PID Performance. Silfab has been perfecting PV module technology and manufacturing processes for 40 years.

“Businesses, consumers and clean energy companies rely on the best power performance and superior durability from their PV modules. Silfab Solar has consistently delivered the most advanced, reliable products because of our ongoing commitment to the best engineering, leading-edge designs and strict production benchmarks,” said Paolo Maccario, Silfab President and CEO. “Independent and very rigorous testing verifies that Silfab Solar is delivering the best solar for North America.”

“As PVEL continues to be the benchmark for independent module testing, data and reports that guide strategic procurement, minimize technology risk, and provide critical information to the solar industry, we continue to experience significant technology advances for modules and it is great to see a growing North American-based manufacturer continue to excel in our testing environment,” said Tristan ErionLorico, Head of PV Module Business, PV Evolution Labs. “Congratulations to Silfab Solar.”

Demand for Silfab’s complete suite of PV modules also is requiring ongoing expansion of all production lines. Silfab is increasing capacity while utilizing some of the largest, highly automated manufacturing plants in North America and continuing to incorporate break-through technologies developed through exclusive alliances with global innovators.
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