TORONTO, ON – June 1, 2018Silfab Solar, North America’s leading PV module manufacturer, is supplying thousands of new solar panels to Puerto Rico’s largest distributor as that territory continues to expand renewable generation in the wake of the devasting Hurricane Maria.

Maximo Solar Industries continues to receive regular shipments of Silfab modules for use in Puerto Rico as well as Florida, where Maximo recently opened an office and is quickly becoming one of the state’s largest installers.

“We are happy to incorporate high-efficiency Silfab solar panels into our distribution channels in Puerto Rico and Florida. We also are grateful for Silfab’s commitment to donate solar panels to the SOMOS Solar Foundation and help with the recovery efforts after hurricane Maria,” said CEO Maximo Torres. Silfab plans to donate hundreds of modules to Maximo Solar’s foundation, which is facilitating renewable energy projects to non-profit organizations on the island.

“Silfab is very happy to secure a productive relationship with Maximo Solar to deliver our premium quality PV modules and design innovation,” said Geoff Atkins, Silfab’s Head of Business Development and Marketing. “Puerto Rico, and the rest of the Caribbean, deserve solar panels with long-term reliability and durability. Our products, backed by 35 years of innovation and success, continually exceed customer expectations.”

The hurricane that struck Puerto Rico in September 2017 caused catastrophic damage, including destruction of its electric grid. Since 2009, Puerto Rico-based Maximo Solar Industries has been contributing to a sustainable energy economy through the deployment of renewable energy in residential, commercial and industrial facilities. Today, Maximo Solar has become the leading solar energy and battery storage installer and distributor in Puerto Rico as residents and businesses seek reliable renewable energy solutions.

Silfab’s production facility is considered one of the most advanced in the world and is delivering a full range of PV modules to the United States, Canada and, now, the Caribbean. Silfab has leveraged its decades of solar experience and international partnerships to design and manufacture some of the highest-output PV modules with superior quality. Silfab continually invests in automating its manufacturing process while dedicating technicians and engineers to focus on quality control and design. New manufacturing methods, such as fully automated bussing, has helped Silfab to drive down the price of solar modules by reducing production costs. Silfab is currently exploring U.S. manufacturing opportunities and locations to better service growing customer demand.


About Silfab:

Silfab Solar is the North American manufacturing leader in the design & development of ultra-high efficient, premium quality 60 and 72 cell monocrystalline PV modules. Silfab leverages more than 35 years of solar experience spanning the entire vertical PV value chain including wafers, ingots, R&D, engineering and product innovation. As the largest and most advanced manufacturer in North America, Silfab’s fully automated facility utilizes precision engineering to produce superior reliability and performance with the lowest defect rate in the US. Silfab balances manufacturing capacity between US residential & commercial partners, offering high efficiency PV products as well as new technologies such as bifacial, smart modules and integrated PV solutions.

About Maximo Solar:

Since 2009, Maximo Solar Industries has been contributing to a sustainable energy economy through the deployment of renewable energy in residential, commercial and industrial facilities in Puerto Rico and Florida. With more of 7500 installations between both territories, Maximo Solar is a company committed to create environment-friendly jobs that help customers achieve energy control while helping protect the planet from climate change. The company exceeds 125 employees, among them electricians, engineers, energy consultants, project managers, service technicians, installers and administration personnel.

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