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Wasilla, Alaska

Wasilla, Alaska.

This installation was completed by Solar Ventures using 16 Silfab SLA 310 M modules.

The Wasilla, Alaska installation took approx 2 days. Arctic Solar Ventures installed over 16 SLA-M 310W Smart modules to produce approx. 4,588 kWh system generating power covering 272 square-feet of the roof. The Silfab 310W PV modules are controlled by Enphase M250 micro-inverters, mounted to Unirac solar mount rail with Unirac Pro-Series ends and mids with Quickmount E-Lag penetrations.

Our premium SLA-M 310W modules have high performance in extreme conditions. In general, even given the extreme weather conditions our Silfab modules have shown high resiliency in the most extreme weather conditions without concern for loss of performance.  Here are the average temperatures in Alaska:

 Climate data. 

The SLA-M 310Wp is Silfab’s most popular residential installation module. Beautiful design and all black modules with high efficiency and durable cells, the SLA-M 310W is ideal for most installations. Silfab uses premium grade cells from U.S, Germany, Korea, and Italy and selects materials only from credible suppliers.

Arctic Solar Ventures is a fully integrated design/ build solar company located in Anchorage, Alaska. They serve residential and commercial markets with grid-direct solar PV and solar thermal systems. Their headquarters is in Anchorage, Alaska and we are committed to the best quality, service, and safety in the industry.

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