Project Description

 Hacienda La Escoba, Jalisco | 120kW

Jalisco, Mexico

The entire installation was completed by Vive Solar using Silfab 345W  modules. Embedded with Fronius Symo technology, the panels transmit in real-time their amount of power.

The installation located in Jalisco started in October of 2017 and was completed on December.

This installation is producing clean energy to illuminate 7 hectares of berries and chilies farm. The solar installation is estimated to produce 100 per cent of the power of the farm.

International leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of quality PV modules and innovation of PV solutions. Operating in Toronto, Canada and Bellingham, Washington, the combined 158,000 sq. ft. facilities feature multiple automated ISO 9001-2015 quality certified production lines utilizing just-in-time manufacturing to deliver Buy American approved PV modules specifically designed for, and dedicated to, the North American market.

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