Silfab solar panels offer a sleek all black design with maximum durability and solar efficiency.

Designed to OutperformHigh Efficiency Solar Panels

When you invest in Silfab panels, you’re not just getting maximum power density and long-term reliability, you are also getting premium quality solar panels with one of the most trusted warranties in the industry.

Our Panel Series

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Quality Matters

Using premium materials, precision automation and quality control management throughout the manufacturing process ensures our panels are built to the highest quality.  Silfab solar panels undergo internal and rigorous third party testing to meet the highest level of industry certifications. Our solar panels have been named a Top Performer by PVEL for the past three years and are rated “Excellent” by

Our Solar Panel Benefits

Superior Performance & Durability
Aesthetically Pleasing
Designed to Last
Trusted Warranty
high durability and solar efficiency solar panels designed for North American homeowners


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