NewLeaf Solar – Installer of the Month

July 8, 2022\Utah, USA

With the help of Installer NewLeaf Solar, located in Utah, USA, This homeowner in North Salt Lake is feeling energized with sustainable power while receiving savings that out-compete the utility companies. NewLeaf Solar created three solar arrays on two separate buildings (main home and detached garage) utilizing 75 Silfab Elite panels, 75 Enphase IQ7+ micro-inverters, 3 10 kW Enphase batteries and a 22 kW Generac generator in addition to a 36 Silfab Solar panel ground mount. IronRidge racking was utilized on the main home and detached garage with SolaDeck roof mounts offering a clean finish and SnapNrack racking for the ground mount array.

Silfab Solar installation by NewLeaf Solar. Rooftop installation & Ground mount using Silfab Elite panels.
NewLeaf Solar North Salt Lake, USA Homeowner Installation

NewLeaf Solar is dedicated to changing the paradigm of power production and working towards positively changing the world and lives of homeowners. NewLeaf Solar provides customers measurable, attainable and noticeably positive differences by switching to renewable energy through efficient processes and services, no overhead costs, installing quality-made products and making the process of going solar cheaper than staying with utility companies.

Silfab is the only panel NewLeaf Solar has ever sold.  The reason for that is simple; they are a top-tier panel, sourced in Canada, manufactured in North America, and come with an industry-leading 30 year power production warranty. I would put Silfab panels head-to-head with ANY other panel on the market.  In my estimation, Silfab is literally the best solar panel available on Earth, complete with great aesthetics, incredible warranties, ethical labor practices, and a competitive price point.  Silfab is a no-brainer for NewLeaf Solar!”

NewLeaf Solar installs solar systems to power your home and with every system they install, NewLeaf Solar donates to a conservation fund of your choice. Whether it is to remove plastics from the ocean, preserve and protect rainforests, rescue animals from abusive environments, NewLeaf Solar puts money in your pocket and helps to make a positive impact in the world.

– Chad Wahlquist – CEO newleaf solar