Lundberg Family Farms Richvale, CA

February 5, 2019\Richvale, CA

Powering this 87-year-old Lundberg Family Farm in Richvale, California is 1.3 MW of Silfab Solar panels across 3 separate buildings.

This is the second and most recent solar system. It was installed in 2019 and comprises three separate projects at the Snacks Facility, Drying & Storage Facility, and Administration Building. Along with the earlier installation, the systems generate the equivalent amount of energy required to drive a car approximately 44 million miles and will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 24,660 tons over 25 years, which is comparable to planting more than 1 million trees. The new system increases the on-site generation by more than 200%—more than 20% of the total energy needs of the farm.

This not only helps Lundberg Family Farms reach their goals of increased on-site generation, but also contributes to California’s policy of increasing renewable energy resources to 50% by 2025 and 100% by 2045. And it earned Lundberg Family Farms their third Green Power Leadership Award from the US EPA.

Photos Curtsey of Lundberg Family Farms