Last week CED Greentech visited our just-in-time automated manufacturing facility.

Our entire team welcomed them and give them a tour around our Facility in Mississauga, Ontario.

CED Greentech is a division of Consolidated Electrical Distributors Inc., one of the largest electrical product wholesale distributors in the country.

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It was exciting to share with them our incredible year and future plans as we continue to focus on exporting our PV modules to international markets.

We broke a record for production and sales revenue in September 2017 and we are on track to break that record for November. We proud to announce that we currently manufacture 2500 PV modules every day and we are gearing up for our 6thexpansion.

As the largest and most automated PV manufacturing facility in North America, we are proud to have companies like CED visiting our facility.

With clients like CED Greentech, we are one step closer to the solar era and we thank CED for their support and collaboration.