Laibach Solar and Silfab Solar. A winning Combination for Tigo Energy

February 14, 2024\Campbell, CA

Tigo Energy, located in Campbell, California, is a leading manufacturer of Tigo optimizers, advanced devices used to enhance the performance of solar energy systems.

The Challenge: Tigo Energy faced the challenge of using energy efficiently while simultaneously evaluating the performance of its Tigo optimizers in real-world settings. To achieve this, they needed a robust solar energy system that could reliably generate power and integrate seamlessly with their optimizer technology.

The Solution: Tigo Energy reached out to Laibach Solar, a renowned solar energy company headquartered in El Dorado Hills, California, specializing in design and installation of state-of-the-art commercial solar systems. Laibach Solar proposed the installation of a 97kW solar system on the roof of Tigo Energy’s facility. To ensure maximum efficiency and durability, Laibach Solar selected Silfab Solar modules for the project. Silfab Solar’s reputation for reliability, competitive pricing, and robust construction made it the ideal choice. Moreover, Laibach Solar had a successful track record of using Silfab modules in previous installations, experiencing zero issues or returns over the past four years.

Implementation: Laibach Solar’s team of experienced engineers and technicians meticulously planned and executed the installation process. The Silfab Solar modules were strategically positioned on the roof to optimize sunlight exposure and energy generation. Tigo optimizers integrated seamlessly into the system, enhancing performance, and enabling precise monitoring and control of individual panel outputs – a Tigo Energy specialty. The close collaboration between Laibach Solar and Tigo Energy ensured that the system was tailored to meet Tigo Energy’s specific requirements.

Throughout the installation process, Laibach Solar prioritized safety, efficiency, and quality workmanship, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and standards.

Benefits: The collaboration between Laibach Solar and Tigo Energy resulted in numerous benefits for both parties. Tigo Energy has significantly reduced its energy costs. And by utilizing Silfab Solar modules, Tigo Energy gains access to reliable and durable modules for testing its optimizer technology in real-world conditions.

For Laibach Solar, the successful installation further solidifies its reputation as a trusted provider of solar solutions. The project demonstrates Laibach Solar’s commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of its clients.

Silfab Solar Modules in Action: Silfab Solar proved their worth in this installation, showcasing the outstanding quality, durability, and performance of the modules. The Silfab Solar modules on Tigo Energy’s rooftop efficiently power Tigo Energy’s operations and contribute to their sustainable future. With a proven history of reliability, Silfab Solar modules provides the perfect foundation for Tigo Energy to conduct rigorous testing of its optimizer technology, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Conclusion: The partnership between Laibach Solar and Tigo Energy exemplifies the synergy between renewable energy providers and technology manufacturers in advancing the reduction of carbon emissions with solar energy. By leveraging innovative technology and expertise, Tigo Energy, with the help of Laibach Solar, has successfully addressed both environmental and business challenges.