Green Ridge Solar – Installer of the Month

May 9, 2022\Dayton, Oregon, USA

No matter your solar needs, Silfab Solar panels can be used for various roof types and offer a stunning curb appeal, maximum power, and durability. This homeowner and business owner of custom autobody work located in Dayton, Oregon, USA, required solar panels on his shed and standing-seam roof to help offset his energy consumption.

Green Ridge Solar, one of Oregon’s top solar installers located in Tualatin, Oregon, USA, installed 52 Silfab Elite solar panels with a total system size of 19.76kW. The system is paired with P401SolarEdge power optimizers, (2) SE7600H-US SolarEdge inverters, and utilizes a IronRidge racking system. This system will offset 100% of their average $300 utility bill, saving them over $70,000 in their first 20 years of owning the system.

Installer Greenridge Solar Rooftop Installation of Silfab Solar Panels

We are extremely satisfied with the quality of the solar system installed and the professionalism of the Greenridge Solar team. Electrician, Dylan, was the most memorable for his willingness to meet our needs and his respectful demeanor!

Peter Katzler (Homeowner)

From start to finish, Green Ridge Solar is committed to providing consistent communication and education to all its customers, no matter the size of the solar project. They use top-tier solar panel technology that is proven for Oregon’s climate and hire Oregonians who have an intimate knowledge of Oregon’s construction laws and available financial incentives. Greenridge is proud to be Oregon’s local source of solar energy and plans on being a part of the Oregon community long into the future. Green Ridge Solar’s commitment to its community and customers is to make the path to solar headache-free and a financial no-brainer.