How can we start taking advantage of all of that energy?

Solar power is an unlimited source of energy, with more benefits than traditional power. As solar becomes more efficient and affordable, adoption increases and we move closer towards a cleaner environment for future generations.

Rethink your roof and start harnessing the unlimited power of the sun with solar panels.

How do solar panels actually work?

Solar panels, installed on your roof or in a ground-mount, collect energy from the sun in Direct Current (DC) power. This DC power is then sent to a solar inverter, where it is converted to Alternating Current (AC) power for use in your home. Virtually every home appliance requires AC power in order to run!

AC power travels from the solar inverter to your electrical breaker box and the utility meter measures your electrical supply. When your solar energy system produces more power than you need, the meter literally spins backwards as that power is sent to the grid. Your next utility bill is then credited for the power you’ve added to the grid.

Fun facts

  • The energy generated by the Sun per second is equal to 3.83 × 1026joules, which is equivalent to 9.15 × 1010megatons of TNT!
  • Expressed in watt-hours, this unfathomable amount of energy is equivalent to 112.500 000.000 terawatt hours!
  • To equal the energy produced by the Sun in one second, all power plants that produce electricity on our planet would have to be fully operational for the next 6,282,459 years!*
  • A solar panel saves approximately 1kg of carbon dioxide per Kw/h.

How efficient are today’s solar panels?

Most Solar panels convert 15-18% of their sun energy into electrical power. Silfab is up to 20% efficient in converting the sun energy into electrical energy.

It’s important to keep Maximum Production to maximize the amount of electricity your solar system produces because the amount of roof space you have available to install solar panels is limited in size.

By selecting high efficient Solar modules you will ensure getting the maximum production from your solar panel installation.

Here are a few of Silfab’s Solar modules:

  • Silfab’s SLA-M 310 ultra-high-efficiency modules are optimized for both Residential and Commercial projects where maximum power density is preferred.
  • Silfab’s SLG-M ultra-high-efficiency modules are optimized for Commercial projects where maximum power density is preferred.
  • Silfab’s Bifacial ultra-high-efficiency modules are optimized with premium N-Type bifacial cells. Designed to be architecturally distinct and delivering low-degradation and maximum power density.

What are the benefits?

Using a clean, renewable source of energy like solar power helps offset the amount of C02 in the atmosphere. For example, generating clean power with a small 4kW solar panel system over 25 years is like planting 2,316 trees! That’s about 92 trees per year or almost 8 per month. It also offsets over 208,166 miles driven and 199,679 pounds of C02 in the atmosphere.

How can you tap into this unlimited energy source?

It’s easy. America’s Original Solar Company with Silfab Solar Modules, proudly made in North America. RGS Energy and Silfab Solar partner to bring the best solar solution to homeowners and businesses in the United States.

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*Based on 17 907 TWh world production of electricity in 2005.