Energizing Communities One Watt at a Time with Advanced Energy Systems

April 18, 2024\Greeley, Colorado, USA

In Greeley, Colorado, USA, The First Congregational Church and community initiated the implementation of preserving and replacing the Church’s traditional power sources with clean, renewable energy alternatives. This mission started when the church’s retired community attorney spent ten years coaching the church on the responsibility and benefits of going green and making incremental and impactful changes one at a time, starting with LED lighting, transitioning to renewable solar energy, and, next, better HVAC management.
With the support from solar installer Advanced Energy Systems in system design, system installation, commissioning, and more, The First Congregational Church welcomed a complete 100kW solar system and is now known as one of the most extensive systems in Greeley, Colorado.

The system consists of 204 Silfab Commercial solar panels, supported by IronRidge QuickMount QMTR-F3.25 Flat Tile Replacements with XR10 Rails, supplied by distribution partner Greentech Renewables in Denver, CO, and 6 Sol-Ark-15K-2P Inverters supplied by Oasis Montana. To maximize the system entirely, Advanced Energy Systems added 12 Simpliphi 4.9 kWh batteries for peak demand reduction, contributing to saving costs on a utility demand tariff and reducing excess utility infrastructure.

Silfab Solar offers a great product with a strong industry reputation. The solar panels possess the required certifications for quality and Bloomberg Tier-1 status that make their solar panels so appealing to homeowners. They are also expanding and working toward future USA manufacturing

Advanced Energy Systems

Silfab Commercial Solar panels offer excellent quality, performance, and longevity thanks to the use of premium materials, total automation, and stringent quality controls throughout our ISO-accredited manufacturing facilities. The First Congregational Church solar panels are backed by a commercial industry-leading 25-year product and 30-year performance warranty. This contributes to providing The First Congregational Church an estimated 155.6 MWh/year production and an estimated lifetime solar savings of 4378 MWh over 30 years. With the system’s battery assists, the Church’s Consumption offset will include 89% energy and 40% on peak demand.


Advanced Energy Systems LLC has provided engineering and project management consulting for solar, wind, and hydro-energy project development worldwide for over 30 years. Advanced Energy Systems continues to serve and expand on its mission to develop and provide clean, efficient, cost-effective energy systems and resources to support and supply society and communities with sustainable living solutions.