EFS Energy – Powering the Future with Sustainable Energy in Chatham, IL

November 16, 2023\Washington, USA

Embarking on a journey towards sustainable energy in the heart of Chatham, Illinois, a local homeowner requested an exceptional solar solution that seamlessly fused cutting-edge technology, tier-one quality, a pleasing aesthetic, and innovative design. EFS Energy embraced the challenge and exceeded the customers’ expectations.

We couldn’t be happier with the appearance and how much the black Silfab Elite panels blend with the roof. Thanks to the mounting and hidden conduit choices EFS Energy made, the installation looks much better than most. I’ve had a number of neighbors comment on how good it looks, and without EFS my installation either would not have happened.

– Homeowner
Solar install by EFS Energy utilizing Solfab Solar Elite panels


Creating a robust and efficient system of renewable power led EFS Energy to utilize 30 Silfab Elite solar panels supported with IronRidge racking, Enphase IQ8H microinverters, and two Encharge 10T batteries. A total system size of 12.3 kW leads to estimated production of 14,384 kWh in the first-year. And, the EFS team added a SPAN panel and SPAN EV charger, establishing a fully integrated electrical power management system within the home. The solar systems consumption offset is projected to save $34,108 in energy costs over 30 years.

The Silfab Elite series, which utilizes an innovative conductive back sheet and integrated cell design, is not only the best-looking module on the market today for those concerned with aesthetics, but it also has my vote for most likely to survive its warranty. With a competitive price point this is one of the most underrated modules today. We are also impressed with Silfab Solar’s strong forecast of supply availability and the commitment to domestic manufacturing in the USA.

– EFS Energy Founder Paul McKnight

As one of the most experienced solar panel installation companies in the Midwest, EFS Energy is focused on helping its customers achieving energy independence and save money by utilizing high-quality solar and storage technologies. Providing exceptional service to allow customers to be agents of change in the energy revolution to clean, renewable energy, EFS is there to ensure its customers their solar system isn’t just a short-term solution but is built for both their future and lifestyle.