Collaborative Solar, SunVolt Electric – Installer of the Month

October 13, 2022\West JeCollfferson, North Carolina, USA.

Silfab Solar is proud to be the solar panel provider for the Carolina Timberworks manufacturing facility in West JeCollfferson, North Carolina, USA. The installation has helped achieve 95% net-zero carbon usage with the support of installers Collaborative Solar, LLC and SunVolt Electric, both located in Boone, North Carolina, USA. The project was fuelled by Eric Morley, founder of Carolina Timberworks, after learning over half (54.8%) of the electrical power generated in North Carolina is created by burning coal or natural gas, the rising risk of electricity shortages throughout the U.S. as traditional power plants are retired, and the aging power grid feels strained. As a result, Eric turned to a reliable supply of sustainable solar energy. 

“When you buy quality, you only cry once. This whole project was about doing the right thing, and we chose Silfab Solar panels based on where they’re made, availability, and architectural appearance. Knowing what we know now, we’d make the same decision again.”

– Eric Morley, Carolina timberworks
Carolina Timberworks Manufacturing building with Silfab Prime solar panels installed.

The commercial solar project was led by partners Collaborative Solar, LLC., and SunVolt Electric by installing 110 Silfab Prime solar panels making a total system size of 40.7 kW DC, secured with IronRidge racking in addition to S5 SolarFoots and paired with four 9 kW SolarEdge three phase commercial inverters. The installation has helped produce twice the electricity Carolina Timberworks uses, and offsets 95% of the total energy usage at their manufacturing facility providing a (95% net-zero carbon energy usage).

“Silfab Solar has a notable reputation and was one of the only North American-made quality modules we could get our hands on.”

– Brian REvell, SunVolt Electric
Copyright:  2022 Carolina Timberworks: Carolina Timberworks Solar Installation Using Silfab Solar Panels.

Installer Info:

Carolina Timberworks

It is said that if you want to build something that lasts forever, use stone; if you want it to last 10 years longer, build a timber frame. For over 19 years; starting with ordinary beginnings, building relationships, investing in their craft and adjusting to the times, Carolina Timberworks has worked with architects, builders, and homeowners across the United States to design, engineer, fabricate and install unique custom architectural timber frame structures for various residential and commercial projects now made with renewable energy.

Solar Collaborative & SunVolt Electric:

In partnership since 2008, Solar Collaborative and SunVolt Electric’s primary mission is to catalyze the transition to renewable energy in the North Carolina High Country while providing outstanding customer service through their dedicated team of individuals who care and believe that renewable energy is part of the solution.

Solar Collaborative specializes in a cooperative approach, whether helping homeowners pursue a self-installation, match community organizations with investors, or assist installers with financials and client capture of incentives. In comparison, SunVolt Electric specializes in designing and installing renewable energy systems with the support of their in-house general contractors, licensed electricians, and professional solar installers and staff. Solar Collaborative and SunVolt Electric are committed to changing how its community thinks about energy while providing the resources to make that change.