America’s Most Stunning and Powerful Solar Panel Now Available

February 24, 2023\Bellingham, Washington

Silfab Solar’s ELITE Panels, Made Exclusively in USA, Combine Advanced Technology with Sleek Design

BELLINGHAM, Wash. (February 24, 2023) — Silfab Solar Inc., considered North America’s highest-rated manufacturer of photo-voltaic (PV) modules, is proud to announce the next generation of Silfab ELITE – its most powerful and best-looking USA-made solar panel yet – is now being shipped to installers across the country. 

Silfab ELITE utilizes the company’s proprietary X-pattern technology, which combines an integrated cell design with an innovative conductive backsheet to create a more efficient and powerful solar panel. Manufactured exclusively in Washington at one of the most advanced facilities of its kind in the United States, Silfab ELITE produces 410 watts of power with a 21.4 percent efficiency rating and carries one of the best warranties in the business.

“Silfab has designed, engineered, and developed the most powerful and absolutely stunning solar panel exclusively manufactured in the United States. With its all-black sleek look, ELITE provides the aesthetics homeowners have been looking for,” said Paolo Maccario, Silfab’s Chief Executive Officer. “ELITE is another example of Silfab’s 40-year record of technological and engineering prowess that gives American homeowners and businesses the energy independence they deserve. ELITE puts American solar products back on top.”

With manufacturing facilities across North America to serve the expanding U.S. market, Silfab utilizes best-in-class automation for ultra-high efficiency module production, leverages partnerships for next-generation technology applications, and offers 30-year performance warranties for its full line of solar panels. Rigorous testing and quality assurance measures, matched by superior customer service, contribute to Silfab being consistently ranked as a top choice for solar panels for durability and efficiency.

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About Silfab Solar

Silfab Solar is the North American leader in the design, development and manufacture of ultra-high-efficiency, premium quality PV modules. Silfab leverages 40 years of solar experience and best-in-class technologies to produce the highest- rated solar modules from facilities in the state of Washington and Toronto, Canada. Each facility features multiple automated ISO 9001-2015 quality certified production lines utilizing just-in-time manufacturing to deliver Buy American approved PV modules specifically designed for and dedicated to the North American market.

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