A Future of Clean Energy with Premier Improvements Solar

February 19, 2024\Middlefield, Connecticut, USA

Stroll through historic Middlefield, Connecticut, USA, and catch a glimpse of the future. Thanks to the Premier Improvements Solar team, this homeowner is now basking in the sun’s energy with 62 Silfab Prime solar panels with an energy offset of 89% and 25,438 kWh of estimated energy now produced yearly, resulting in an estimated lifetime solar savings of $359,706.00.

This Silfab Solar system is paired with Enphase’s IQ8M microinverters and is mounted utilizing an Ironridge racking system, providing 24.80kW of solar power. Premier Improvements Solar specializes in bringing state-of-the-art solar energy solutions to homes across Connecticut.

In our 30 years in the solar installation game, we’ve seen many panels come and go. But when it’s time to pick the panels for our projects, our team always leans towards Silfab Solar panels. It’s not just about putting up any solar panel; it’s about choosing the best solar products with a top-notch warranty, outstanding performance, and elegant design. Silfab Solar stands firmly behind its panels, ensuring they’ll keep shining and producing energy for decades with its 30-year performance and 25-year product warranty offering. For us, it’s about trust and reliability, and for our customers, it’s the comfort of knowing their solar investment is protected for the long haul.We’re dedicated and proud to bring the best offering in solar to our customers and even prouder to do it with Silfab by our side.

– Premier ImProvements Solar Team

ABOUT THE INSTALLERS Premier ImProvements Solar:

With over three decades of unparalleled experience in the Connecticut solar industry, Premier Improvements Solar’s mission extends beyond installing solar panels; their team aims to enlighten and empower the community about the transformative power of solar energy. By harnessing the sun’s abundant resources, this solar installer offers a pathway to reduce energy costs and contribute to a global movement towards sustainability.

Premier Improvement Solar’s comprehensive range of services, including cutting-edge roof + solar integrations, ground-mounted systems, and advanced solar battery storage solutions, are tailored to the diverse needs of Connecticut residents, ensuring that every home can achieve energy independence.